Bausch + Lomb Technolas (TECHNOLAS Perfect Vision GmbH) offers a full spectrum of leading laser procedures, providing a complete solution across the vision lifecycle of patients. With a proven track record in laser solutions, Bausch + Lomb Technolas is committed to a future of innovation and inspiration to patients all over the globe.

Company heritage

In January 2013, Bausch + Lomb completed its acquisition of TECHNOLAS Perfect Vision GmbH (TPV), a leading ophthalmology laser company located in Munich, Germany. The combination of Bausch + Lomb and TECHNOLAS Perfect Vision marries two of the strongest brands in eye care. The new entity, known as Bausch + Lomb Technolas, has a continued commitment to the development and commercialization of the finest surgical laser technology in the ophthalmic field.

TECHNOLAS Perfect Vision was established in 2009 through a joint venture between Bausch + Lomb and 20/10 PERFECT VISION AG to develop and sell advanced refractive and cataract technologies. 

Transforming cataract and refractive surgery

Bausch + Lomb Technolas has a full range of expertise in both femtosecond and excimer businesses. Current innovations focus on laser cataract surgery, with the VICTUS™ Femtosecond Laser Platform, and the correction of presbyopia with the SUPRACOR™ laser treatment.

Some of the products and/or specific features as well as the procedures featured on this website may not be approved in your country, including Canada, and thus may not be available there. The VICTUS platform has CE Marking for capsulotomy, lens fragmentation, arcuate corneal incisions, corneal incisions, LASIK flap, INTRACOR®, penetrating keratoplasty and intrastromal channel incisions for intracorneal ring segments. Indications may vary by country. In the United States, the VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform is indicated for use in the creation of a corneal flap in patients undergoing LASIK surgery or other treatment requiring initial lamellar resection of the cornea; for anterior capsulotomy during cataract surgery; and for the creation of cuts / incisions in the cornea in patients undergoing cataract surgery or other ophthalmic treatment requiring cuts/incisions in the cornea and for laser assisted fragmentation during cataract surgery for nuclear cataracts, not for fragmentation of posterior subcapsular and cortical cataracts. The TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 is CE marked but NOT approved for use in the US. The TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 is not approved in all countries.
SUPRACOR excimer laser treatment and INTRACOR are CE marked but NOT approved for use in the US. SUPRACOR excimer laser treatment and INTRACOR and are not approved in all countries. Please contact our regional representative regarding individual availability in your respective market.
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