TECHNOLAS TENEO™ 317 Model 2 Excimer Laser

Redefining Excimer Laser Technology

Discover the latest evolution of our excimer laser technology, the TECHNOLAS TENEO™ 317 Model 2.

Meticulously designed by our expert German engineering team at Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH, the TENEO™ 317 Model 2 encapsulates: Performance, Efficiency, and Ease of Use.

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The Instructions for Use (IFU) for your TENEO 317 Model 2 laser system with SW 1.31 or higher are also available in electronic form as a PDF file.

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  • serial number of the TENEO system (see [SN] on the type plate on the rear side of your laser system).
  • software version of the TENEO system.

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